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Regents Canal

CTU was awarded funding from the Mayor's Air Quality Fund to begin improvements on the canal. Not only will the canal become a pleasant, more creative public space, but will also be an accessible and lower-exposure walking route between Camden Town and Kings Cross.

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Camden Inspire

Camden Inspire celebrates the best of our independent business community. Loyal and loving customers vote for their favourite bars, restaurants, market stalls and shops. Then, we party!


London Innovation District

To date, local development has been uncoordinated and therefore hasn't realised full potential. So we are exploring the creation of a London Innovation District. This report assessed the areas performance and analyses the funding mechanisms that could help it flourish in the future.

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Arts & festivals

Celebrating the creativity of Camden Town. We've used festivals, art and installations to uplift local public realm in a way that is accessible and beneficial to all communities.

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Camden Collective

It's been through many phases, always using vacant disused buildings in Camden Town to the benefit of the creative small business community. Currently a free and subsidised coworking space on Buck Street.  

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Street regeneration

We've committed time and resources to achieve a streetscape that accommodates dense visitor crowds, offers wide pavements and generous public space... from the Naked High Street to Mornington Crescent redesign.



C3 is our project using the long term structural changes affecting London to create sustainable business model for our Camden Collective project.


Camden Highline

An ambitious proposal to transform the disused railway between Camden Town and King's Cross into an elevated park. Providing a unique green, clean space and increasing connectivity to our neighbours.

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Security & Cut Crime

Initiatives and partnerships to reduce crime and address the current terror threat.


Saving You Money

We aim to save our members as much as we cost them. We invest the BID levy in to projects that uplift the area, whilst finding ways to cut costs for business operations.