Camden Collective

Camden Town Unlimited set up a regeneration project to address some of the issues the area, and wider London, faces today. Making invaluable use of vacant buildings and workspace, Camden Collective helps to boost the reputation of the local area whilst supporting creative startups with free or subsidised desk space.

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Coworking Hubs

Seeking out vacant buildings in Camden Town and repurposing them for the use of creative startups. As rent rates continue to price out our young and small businesses, Collective aims to help retain them in the local area to the benefit of everyone.

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Offering young people an opportunity to learn, build networks and offer support to peers in a unique environment. Courses ranged from the Collective Accelerator, where participants had the chance to win a £10,000 interest free loan, to lunchtime specials - snappy sessions of advice from local business leaders.

Popup Space

Affordable retail space is hard to come by in London, but can be a game changer for young startups wanting to showcase their products. Camden Town has the footfall, so Camden Collective provided space for one-off popups or longer-term markets where talented business owners could get things off the ground.

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Creative events help us confirm Camden Town's place as London's creative quarter. Camden Create festival was a series of workshops, discussions and performances. KSR Architects designed a colourful pavilion which greeted visitors as they came out of the station. Its legacy confirms the need to support our creative industries - they are an incredible asset to Camden Town.

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