Talking Wellbeing Walks… At the #UrbanGardenShow

17th July 2017

We were delighted to be invited to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Urban Garden Show, which was being co-curated by our partner Cityscapes.

We commissioned Cityscapes to conduct a feasibility report on our stretch of Regents Canal – the first step to creating a safe and natural walking route between Kings Cross and Camden Town. Our project has so far identified the areas that need improvement, and the various projects that could help us approach these issues. One of our main objectives is to eliminate anti-social and criminal behaviour through an ‘eyes on the street’ approach – allowing interventions, installations and general maintenance to make it clear that this is an area the entire community cares for and will protect.

We’ll also look at how temporary and permanant installations can contribute to improving the aesthetics of the towpath, how new developments can play their part in interacting with the canal, and how to make the most of the space and encourage people to pause and enjoy.

We heard about some of the incredible greening projects undertaken by Team London Bridge. Two projects stand out – Greenwood Theatre and Gibbons Rent – as inspiring examples of integrating art in to greening projects to help engage people using the space.

One of the highlights of the event was coming across the Cityscapes Heart of Glass installation. Originally featured at the Chatsworth Flower Show, Heart of Glass explores new tech ways to grow plants. The structure is a living ecosystem in itself, shrouded in mist and horticultural lights. A pool below collects dripping condensation and a disco ball complements a Blondie-inspired soundtrack created by co-founder Darryl Moore.

It’s about reconsidering our relationship with plants and how we can get the most benefit from them. With a disco theme. What’s not to like?