Cutting Crime

Cutting Crime

Cut Crime

When CTU was formed in 2006 crime was the key concern of our business members, particularly on Camden High Street. Whilst initiatives have made significant improvements, still it remains a prominent area of focus.

We host quarterly ‘Cut Crime’ meetings with senior police officials, providing members with a platform from which to raise their concerns to the police.

In our first term we introduced street marshals to patrol on weekday evenings. This visible presence highlighted the issue and allowed us to secure funding for additional police, which continues today.


In 2009 we spearheaded the CBAC project, linking 65 businesses with CCTV operators, the police and one another in real time. Monthly meetings allow incidents and crime trends to be discussed amongst members, police and council representatives.

Quiet Streets

The Quiet Streets initiative operates on a voluntary contribution by Camden Town venues to help make our weekend streets quieter and safer. This partnership between venues, CTU, Camden Council and the Police offers an additional layer of coordination and encourages support and communication between businesses. There are now 100 officers from 40 venues working towards a common goal.

Project Griffin

December 2016

We invited members to join us for a Counter-Terrorism Officer led presentation, as part of our efforts to improve awareness of the risk of terror in the area. It was an opportunity to meet an experienced officer and learn about helping to keep London safe.

Topics included:

It was very successful, with one attendee feeding back:

‘It was immensely interesting. We left feeling we had a lot to think about, and determined to be more vigilant about the world around us.’

If you would like to attend future anti-terror sessions, please get in touch with