Arts & Festivals

Arts & Festivals

Points of View

September 2015 Points of View

The redesign of Cobden Junction’s streetscape gave Camden Town a pedestrian area welcome to all, a focal point for High Street South that was perfect for public events that would connect businesses, residents and the creative community.

Points of View was the perfect project to kickstart this era. A collaboration between CTU, Jakbox and Camden Council invited participants to indulge in the vast array of sights around and beyond Mornington Crescent. The area is rich with history, has been a visual inspiration to artist Robert Sickert and of course boasts the legendary Camden Theatre, now KOKO nightclub.

Members of the public would upload photos from marked points on the pavement, and contribute to an online conversation about the urban scenery.

To launch the event, CTU organised an evening of Prosecco and great company on the balcony of KOKO. April Fredrick performed King Harold’s Saga on Cobden Junction below, involving not just launch party guests but also members of the public. It was the perfect way to exemplify how the public space on Cobden Junction could provide an opportunity for inclusive, inviting events that would transcend businesses, residents and visitors and help to build a bridge between all in the community.

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Camden Create

May 2014 Camden Create

In May 2014, Camden Town Unlimited pioneered Camden Create, a trail-blazing three day festival celebrating the creative businesses of Camden Town. It took the form of pop-up activity in unique venues across the area, aimed at creative professionals, visitors and residents from Camden Town and beyond. Camden Create was a milestone in Camden Town’s history that made official the area’s place in Europe’s creative quarter. Talks, workshops, showcases and events contributed to telling the story of this creative community.

KSR Chandelier

May 2014 KSR Chandelier

To mark the start of Camden Create, local architecture practice and CTU member KSR Architects designed a pop up pavilion on Britannia Junction. 640 florescent tubes supported by a theatre and stage truss system lit up the junction and signalled an appreciation for the massive variety of creative industries we are home to in Camden Town.

Show Window Take Over

For three days of Camden Create Festival, Collective commissioned a take over of shop windows on Camden High Street. Students and graduates took a free visual merchandising workshop with Emma Cooper in learning how to create displays, maximise space and engage with customers, before developing their own temporary designs.