Getting excited… The Camden High Line

24th November 2016

Earlier this year, the Kentish Towner played with the idea of a Camden High Line, similar to that in New York, that would span the railway tracks connecting Camden Town and Kings Cross. Camden Town Unlimited loved the idea – it could solve challenges we face, whilst helping to boost our reputation. If there’s going to be a High Line in London, we want it in Camden.


The connection between Kings Cross and Camden Town is congested and follows highly polluted routes. This would ease the pedestrian traffic and introduce a walking route with increased biodiversity that contributes to improving our air quality. It will be a massive asset to our public space offering.

As a BID we are committed to enhancing the opportunities available in Camden Town, maintaining its wonderful historical character whilst watching it develop and stay ahead of the curve. The High Line is the project that could see this happen, which is why we have pledged our active support and involvement in any potential work.

We’ll keep you updated…

Read the Kentish Towner’s latest comment on the proposed Highline.