Bolter Design talk Meanwhile Use

7th February 2017

At a Roundhouse event in January, the Mayor of London SAdiq Khan addressed the capital’s under-25’s and told them he believes in their potential, in the passion and creativity they offer and how they are capable of boosting London’s economy.

Through Camden Collective, we show support for a young generation of entrepreneurs and startup companies. 400 people have passed through or are working in our latest coworking space Collective Temperance. We provide free hot desking space or subsidised offices, facilities such as projectors and sound systems for events, private meeting rooms that can be booked and the main space or board room for larger events. Camden Collective invited creative and tech startups to apply for a space and we take time to ensure that our community is a diverse and vibrant bunch who complement each other’s work and help create a network of supportive individuals and teams.

Sadiq Khan also recognises the value of these startups to the local economy, and wnats to remove the obstacles that are pushing more entrepreneurs to other cities in the country. One of these obstacles must be the absurdly high rental prices of workspace in London.

Bolter Design – two female architects renting a Temperance office – introduce their business and discuss the importance of affordable workspace, and how filling disused buildings temporarily with young businesses is a good way to facilitate growth. Watch our interview here: